HIBA is an organisation similar to a Chamber of Commerce made up of many of the foreign owned or managed businesses in Hakuba with an aim of Making Hakuba a Better Place.

To achieve that HIBA has the following Objectives:

  • To discuss promote and participate or lead if appropriate measures calculated to benefit the overall interests of Hakuba and visitor experiences.

  • To promote friendly relations and cross cultural awareness within the community including but not restricted to encouraging participation in cultural and community events both as HIBA and individuals.

  • To participate in and support and influence planning and statutory and/or business groups and bodies with the aim of improving overall year round business in Hakuba.

  • For HIBA to be perceived by the wider community and local and regional statutory bodies as the prime organisation representing foreign business interests in the Hakuba Valley.

  • To act as an information conduit for foreign owned businesses operating in the Hakuba Valley including providing useful information and contacts.

  • To support and participate charitable fund raising activities where considered appropriate to the intent of HIBA interests and the wellbeing of Hakuba and its inhabitants.

  • To actively promote the advantages of Hakuba as a residential town and tourist area.

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