Membership Advantages

The central benefit of HIBA membership will be the opportunity to network and share business and community ideas and experiences with like minded people.  With HIBA members now part of many key planning and tourism groups members not only get to hear what is happening and planned in town but to influence that as well. In addition after our meetings offers a chance to socialise which is often not easy when everyone is busy.

On first joining HIBA the member will receive a welcome pack comprising of:

  • Membership Certificate (to be displayed at the business premises)

  • A window sticker (to be prominently displayed to demonstrate your association)

  • A copy of the constitution

  • A list of the current executive and their contact details

One link will also be provided to each member’s business on the HIBA website.

Members will also receive from time to time special offers from other member businesses or external support agencies that are deemed to be beneficial to the membership by the executive committee or the secretary.

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